Jenga XR Inspiration

I built this Jenga tower for the Meta Quest 2 as part of foundation class that I was taking at XR Terra. I thought it would be an excellent project to practice the skills that I learned and problem solve, and I love Jenga!

What it does

Jenga XR allows the player to remove wooden pieces from a Jenga tower and place them at the top of the tower like the conventional game, though this Jenga tower as tall as a house (or a castle in this case).

How I built it

I used some assets from the Unity asset store and constructed a jenga tower. I realized that in order to access the top of the tower effectively the player would need some way of getting up to the top so I built a castle tower around it with steps.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was just working with Unity for the first time. I wanted to make it multiplayer but didn't have the skills to add that functionality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the game looks great and it would be fun to play it with a second player.

What I learned

I love Unity and plan to continue to work with it.

What's next for Jenga XR

Adding 2 player funtionality.

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