Have you ever wanted to meet someone outside your circle? Those connections can be meaningful and an opportunity to learn something new. It's extremely difficult given our hectic lifestyles.

What it does

We have created JelyBean for people who want more opportunities to meet people outside of their circle. A user can post or view posts. Each post contains the activity, date, and location. If a user is interested they can contact the person who created the post.

How we built it

We used react-native for front and firebase with facebook authentication and github for collaboration to make android app and ios app.

Challenges we ran into

Using ES6 reactnative(we used to use ES5) and so many limitation with firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of and What we learned

We learn more about reactnative's navigator and ES6 format.

What's next for JELYBean

We will find another database server to inprove query efficiency. Add chat functionality, more detail post, search efficiently with category and search terms, gamification to engage users, reactive, website, rate after meeting another JELYBean, animation for UI and more secure system.

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