We first came up with this idea as sort of a joke: what if there existed a platform like Codeacademy for less popular languages, like Haskell and Erlang? Due to the fact that the user base of these languages is so much smaller, answers to the questions and challenges that new learners face are often difficult to find or may not even exist. But as we thought more about this problem, we found that this difficulty is not one that is only faced by learners of smaller languages - even in the creation of this app, we often found ourself struggling to implement things in commonly used languages like Javascript and JQuery.

However, a single organization like Codeacademy cannot act as a learning resource for all of these languages simply due to the sheer scale of such a project. In addition, we wanted our site to be targeted towards the hacker community as a whole.

We believe that the hacker community is a truly unique ecosystem in today's consumption-driven society: a group of individuals who are passionate about making and creating. As a result, we want to give back to this community and be part of its growth.


Our vision was to create a highly-flexible, community-centric web app focused on sharing hacker knowledge. We want users to determine the content that they want to share and see. In essence, Jellybean provides a in-browser IDE-experience and community for hackers to teach one another. In simplest terms, we have create a platform for passionate individuals to create lesson plans for others to learn in Codeacademy-style environment. This can be anything from new and obscure languages, to functions that you are not sure how to implement. Jellybean is designed for everyone of every skill level, from the novice programmer, to the experienced hacker.

Because Jellybean is built on top of Docker, we can essentially work with any language that has a Docker container written for it, meaning we can compile virtually any language. As a result, Jellybean offers unparalled flexibility and ease of use, making languages that may be frustrating to setup or install as easy as opening your web browser.

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