Inspiration## We were inspired by the running t-rex game on Google Chrome, whenever a page fails to load,

and the fish bowl necklace of a fellow teammate.

What it does## Once the canvas is clicked, the game allows users to navigate a fish forward, backwards, left and right with the use of the arrow keys in order to dodge approaching jellyfish in the scene. The jellyfish also increase in speed as they frames go by. Once the fish gets into contact with a jellyfish, the game ends and the total score stops.

How I built it## We used Notepad++, html5, javascript and css to make this project.

Challenges I ran into## We had difficulties in controlling the sound in the game, getting images in the canvas and making them do various things. We had to alter the code multiple times before we could get things appearing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of## Seeing that we are all non-Computer Science Majors we are proud that we were able to learn a new language and incorporate our various skills to make a game for the very first time!

What I learned ## We learned how to understand and comfortably code in javascript. We also learned how making a simple 2d game is done.

What's next for Jelly Attack## We would like to learn how to add other sounds, to control the sound based on various actions in the game and improve the graphics. Also, we want to be able to give other actions to objects, and perhaps make this game into a 3d one.

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