Sometimes controlling what you eat is hard.
How can you control how many calories you're intaking?

What it does

The user places food in a box. Using an app that gets the number of calories the user is expending, FoodLocker decides whether or not to unlock and allow the user to take food from this box.

How we built it

Using Java, we wrote an Android app that uses the Good Fit API to get how many calories the user is expending. If the user is a small number of calories away from the average number of calories an adult expends, it would tell the Arduino to unlock the locker via Bluetooth.

Challenges we ran into

The 3-D printer closed too early. We had difficulty figuring out how to allow the Arduino and the app communicate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is working.

What we learned

Android developement, SolidWorks

What's next for FoodLocker

Connect the app to Arduino, 3-D print the box.

Built With

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