I have been close friends with my teammates for many years. A recurring fictional character in our years of high school antics was "Jeffrey the Hand Turkey", a classic grammar school-esque hand tracing turned into a turkey. With this game, our imagination ran wild in this fictional world

What it does

This game is a 2D shooter/platformer. It is a single player game in which the player progresses through several levels until encountering his final, greatest foe in a climactic battle.

How we built it

We built this game primarily in GameMaker Studio 1.4.1772, and used paintdotnet and other simple editors for sprite design.

Challenges we ran into

Perhaps the greatest struggle was working with collisions in GameMaker. The system it uses is awfully finicky, and our solution ultimately lead to slightly clunky controls, which were thankfully minimized by the time we were finished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are particularly proud of the final boss fight in this game, which even provides a decent challenge to us. We are also proud of our synergy as a team, and the fact that we were able to tie up the loose ends of the project by the end of the hackathon

What we learned

We learned that ambition can cause us to be blind to our time constraints, and that some of us succeed in some fields of game design more than others. With this newfound knowledge, we should be able to work both more effectively and efficiently in future projects.

What's next for Jeffrey's Revenge

Unfortunately, the time constraints left us with a small amount of playable levels. In the future, we plan to release an updated version of the game with all of the levels we designed on paper for a more complete gaming experience.

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