The problem JEEVAN solves

As we all know the major threat nowadays is related to organ trafficking and for that there is no system to register the complaints on ,apart from this the preliminary process of organ transplant is itself quite cumbersome. Moreover, the records are also prone to cyber threats and there is no portal for the recipients to interact with to resolve their queries. With the current organ donation system in India, many a times the recipient who is placed higher in the queue to receive an organ is denied an organ due to malpractices of influential people, our system aims to combat that by maintaining a centralised list of recipients for everyone to see, to ensure that a person placed below another in the priority queue doesn’t receive an organ before them.

Challenges we ran into

Yeah we faced a bug , while creating instances of already deployed smart contracts via web3.js and comparing null adrress i.e. address(0) , however we found out that there is no specific implementation of address(0) in web3 and we have convert it into big no.

Future implementation

Scan Index : In the future for security purposes, a full-fledged descriptive report for the person’s body organs will be uploaded on our server to authenticate that no other body part has been hampered with as there are many cases where the person donating or receiving the organ is unaware of what all has been done to him during surgery. The person’s report will be a result of a full CT scan or an MRI to ensure this

Health card linking : As we all know that the government will be issuing a health card to every citizen in near future and so,as an advancement we will be linking it to the user at our network for the people to avail the benefits associated with it

Stem Cells : At this moment there is no authenticated process for stem cell donation despite the fact that it can be used to replace any tissue in the body. We aim at developing a secure, easy, and smooth process for the donation and storage purposes like the one built for the organ donation by us.

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