The amount of carbon released has been increasing drastically over the years, at an alarming rate. This causes climate change that threatens the lives of many, including animals. Hence, we hope to create an application that will help users adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce carbon footprint.

What it does

EcoMateSG is a simple and easy to use mobile application that offer features to help users to make environmentally conscious choices and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. EcoMateSG seek to track and calculate how much carbon emission the user can reduce when making environmentally conscious decisions such as using their own recycle bag and not use plastic bags. The app then stores these information and converts them to a point system which the user can keep track of. In the future, these points can be converted into rewards such as vouchers for groceries or public transport vouchers.

How we built it

We used the Flutter framework for the application which utilises Dart Programming Language and Firebase for backend services. We built it together as a team, leveraging on our strengths and weaknesses to assign the task best suited for each team member. We learned the tech stacks required and created it from scratch without any base code.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we were keen on building a web application but after looking through the problem statements we felt that a mobile application would be the best approach to tackle the problem statement that we chose which is on Sustainability. Being foreign to the tech stack, we had to begin from scratch to research the best mobile application development environment and download all the necessary APKs and IDEs to run the code. Furthermore, having the juggle our internships during the weekday made it difficult for us to have sufficient time to work on our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within the short span of two days, we are proud that we are able to create a functional and usable mobile application that we had envisioned. Although we faced some challenges along the way, we are glad that we pulled through together as a team and successfully completed our application.

What we learned

The most important thing that we learned is to find the most optimal approach that works best for the team. Even though we may have different expertises and strengths, it is not choosing a platform or framework that best suits the strongest member but it is about the solution that can bring out the best of the entire team. In terms of technical skills, we learned more about the Flutter Framework as well as the backend services for Firebase.

What's next for [JeeJeeTech] EcoMateSG

We understand that it may be difficult to change people's lifestyle habits and choices hence we hope to partner with the government or sponsors to reward people through the point system whereby users can exchange the points for vouchers which they can use for groceries or vouchers for public transport. We also hope to roll out more fun and easy to use features that people can incorporate into their lifestyle. Technicality wise, we hope to integrate our application with SGID as it can help us better track on the reward systems of our users through a more secure authentication.

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