We were inspired by the John Deere challenge presented to us and wanted to try to build a simulation game which would help generate awareness about agriculture and biological sciences.

What it does

The simulation game allows the users to learn about the agricultural structure and challenges that are faced by the farmers and their solutions.

How I built it

We used android studio and we included databases for humidity and temperature based on locations of different cities. We take input from the users. We further included score calculations for every question that the user got right.

Challenges I ran into

Fetching data using API and tokens was a challenge because the token was incorrect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to fetch the weather data successfully. We also were able to put the game in the loop using question arrays. Calculating score based on input given by user was also an accomplishment.

What's next for JDFarming

To implement machine learning to detect the winner of the game. We were lacking database to do that.

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