21st century should offer better time management opportunities to the public. Going to a kitchen or a laundry room to find it is busy is a great waste of time.

What it does

Have you ever had a load of laundry, put them all into a huge basket, go downstairs to the laundry room, only to find it was fully occupied? Were you angry at the world? Were you angry at yourself? Did it feel like the disappointment you felt when your mother promised an ice cream after the doctor's appointment, only to find out that you couldn't eat anything sweet for the next week? What if I told you, you never have to have that disappoint ever again?

Introducing -- ###jCheck by BienBoyz!

Check the status of the laundry room from your bed! 3 am in the morning? Hungry? But also lazy at the same time? No problem! Check if the oven is free without crying over spilled milk!

Know in advance if the washing machine is free. Plan your day. Maximize your laziness.


How we built it

The arduino the project is using detects whether the appliances in the common kitchens/laundry rooms are in use or not.

Challenges we ran into

Converting an LED to a photo detection unit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The number of programming languages and frameworks we used and combined to perfect the functionality.

What we learned

Work with different sensors, turning an LED into a sensor, implementing multithreaded server in Java

What's next for Jcheck

A cheap way to implement smart sensors to improve everyday life of the overworked students.

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