Inspiration: Google Maps doesn't give the specific locations on campus when it comes to public spots around Johnson County Community College. This creates an issue for visitors and new students as they are at a loss for where to lounge at. This application will help them find these places!!!!!!

What it does: Find closest location and estimate time to places of interest on the campus relative to your position.

How we built it: We used C++ for back end, and JavaScript for the front end.

Challenges we ran into: Integrating the application into an Alexa skill and merging the program with the Google maps API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: we were able to map out various public spots such as benches, coffee shops, restrooms and vending machines.

What we learned: how to work as a team, coming together to think up common ideas and solve issues. We also learned how to implement a quadtree, which was something some of us had studied but no one had tried to do before.

What's next for JCCC Campus Navigator: Connecting the front end and back end and integrating Google maps API into the application and merging the app into an Alexa skill.

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