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Project #9 seemed like an interesting item to work on. I've never done much work with mobile so it was also a chance to test out my skills in a new environment.

What it does

Runs the android/ios client on the vessel, and reports back tracking information to the server. Allows pushing of weather alerts. Allows reporting of suspect vessels. Displays positional information and regional rules depending on the current zone based on GPS.

How I built it

Xamerin C# / IIS server and MVC website.

Challenges I ran into

Getting mapping working on mobile was a new experience for me! The mapping is still too slow as much too much data is being displayed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to get it all working in 12 hours of code total. During the live demo at the hackathon to the judges, 4/5 features worked, which is pretty good!

What I learned

Xamarin is a great tool for building mobile multiplatform apps.

What's next for JB.#Fish

Make it production ready! Bermuda fisheries is interested in actually deploying a modified version of the software to actual boats.

Built With

  • c#-ios-xamarin-android-iis
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