Yik Yak, a mobile app where people post text and images which can only be viewed locally using the GPS location inspired our project. Thus, we set about making a website where users can locally share their talent for fun!

What it does

This website has two distinct end users in mind: artists and consumers of entertainment. Artists are usually amateurs and are encouraged to upload their own content onto JazzPoll. Typically, the content is a home recorded vocal or instrumental cover of a popular song. Once uploaded, content is organized geographically and presented on a map. This is where entertainment consumers come in. App users are presented with locally uploaded performances based on their location. They may view, up/down-vote or share a performance. In addition to the entertainment value provided by this site, it also has the capacity to expose real, true talent that may otherwise remain hidden. New stars in the entertainment industry are exposed by social media regularly, and JazzPoll will expedite that process.

How we built it

We built it by leveraging the powerful WordPress platform with a variety of plugins/APIs. Google maps API was used to handle location features. A voting plugin identifies "hot" posts in a given area. New content is uploaded by users by logging on with a Facebook account or by creating an account on the JazzPoll website. Content can be shared Facebook, Google+ and Twitter through another plugin.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was a firewall problem with the WiFi at the Hackathon. We couldn't login to the back-end and ultimately solved this problem by building the website from scratch on a different server.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of the 2 sleepless nights we put into the project as well as the final result itself! Music is something all our team members are passionate about and creating a tool to help amateur musicians get appreciated and take their talent to the next level gives us a lot of personal satisfaction. Through a lot of coding, we also managed to have full-fledged mobile compatibility of this website, which was a tough nut to crack!

What we learned

The team has a considerable experience gap, including both a web design veteran and a mechanical engineer with no coding experience. As such, lessons learned were varied and specialized. The most experienced members of the team gained some more experience dealing with the quirks of WordPress, including how to adapt to such unforeseen circumstances as the aforementioned firewall mishap, and how to integrate GPS data into websites. The less experienced team members learned that and much more, including the bare basics of web design, specifically with WordPress, and how storing web data on servers works.

What's next for JazzPoll

Our team believes JazzPoll should be developed into a dedicated mobile app as well. This would prove advantageous for the artist and allow him to post videos immediately from their phone. The entertainment consumer gets a much better usage experience.

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