Kiddo - Your personalized PC Assistant

Kiddo was born in Jayhacks event. JayHacks is the hackathon at the University of Kansas. I participated in Jayhacks, 2017 and was much fun and learning. Recommended.

Event: Jayhacks , Feb 17-19, 2017 Location: LEEP 2 Building, University of Kansas, Lawrence, 66045

Developers: Sushil, Manjish

Purpose: Virtual PC Assistant - Kiddo is developed to help any individual do the common chores as well as entertain in much easier and modern way. Your personal PC assistant comes in two mode - Speech and Text. You can interact in either way - through your melodious voice or through your mobile when you run a sore throat. Imagine waking up one lazy Saturday morning. How do you want to start your day? Perhaps sleep again? Well, our specially designed assistant can play you a right music from your music library (depending on your mood) on one go. Kiddo can update you with the temperature outside so that you have the right clothes for your brisk walk. What more?Your personalized PC assistant can update you with current twitter hashtag trends or simply keep you in conversation if you are feeling too low. Clocks not working? Well, Kiddo has got you covered. Just ask for time and your assistant will update you right away. Busy person? Kiddo can synchronize with your Google Calendar and help you plan out your entire year.. or perhaps a week if you are a student like me. Can you ask for more? Totally yea! Kiddo comes with built in games (text mode) to keep you going when your best friend went for a week vacation. Did I mention that Kiddo can read out your horoscope to you?

Libraries Used:

NLTK Language Processor, Google Voice Recognition API, Google Calender API, OAuth2 Authentication, Twiio - Cloud Communication Platform, Natural Language to Date Time Parser, Music Playing Library, Web Scraping for Temperature, Horoscopes in real time, Twitter API, Two Way Mobile phone Gameplay

Future Work:

  1. Integrating Artificial Intelligence to learn more sentiments of the people around
  2. Implementation of Computer Vision (For example, Facial Recognition) for smart assistant
  3. Further improvement on Natural Language Processing and Voice recognition software than existing
  4. Making Kiddo more flexible on user end
  5. Further updates(ver. Youngo)- News Headlines Reader, Movie Recommendations (personalized Machine Learning in Netflix)

Built With

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