Automagically generate a calendar using your university account. It takes your university class list and makes a shareable calendar file.

In the past, students would manually add each class to their personal calendar, event by event. This small, yet powerful utility gets your full class list, parses it, and generates an shareable iCal calendar file. It reduces your full setup time every semester from about 45 minutes to just 1 minute!

The website contains:

  • a class calendar
  • an event calendar
  • a customizable exams and homework calendar

It's a 1 stop place where you can find what's happening on campus and in your own academics. This utility can potentially enable users to make decisions regarding their time management/scheduling. That's really important for student success. We hope this utility helps students in their time management skills.

Made for Jayhacks, KU hackathon 2017.

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