Inspiration computing technology inspires and it will never stop inspiring me. I even tried to stay away from it to rest a few months but technology always finds a way back to me.

What it does two things: one it’s use to compute data management and information technology throw a system device

How I built it from the ground up. If the mind is creative it can build anything and technology computing is no exception to the rule.

Challenges I ran into money of course but bugs and errors come with any projects and as a user I have find ways to correct by going back to area in which the code of problem was described

Accomplishments that I'm proud of learning code and databases the way the information analysis of technology was made to be learned.

What I learned stay updated with technology but keep it simple even when at times it’s complicated to understand as technology In code writing isn’t always easy it gets to the brain. Then u must take a break after and come back and debug

What's next for JayBridgeTech8 it’s not really easy to answer what’s next because what is next is after the challenges of change towards circumstances that must be recovered by the alignment of the code in the processing of hardware or software of the UI

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