Farmers in India face significant challenges especially while selling their produce. Due to illiteracy, they get tricked by the traders that buy farm products and sell in the market. Sometimes, a farmer is even unaware of the real price of his produces. As a result, they don't get the enough money to fulfill the daily needs of their family. On the other hand, the common people are getting the same farm produces at much high prices which creates considerable economical imbalance. Artificial scarcity created by some group of traders raise the value of farm products finally leads to inflation. Thus, we thought of using technology and creating an online market for farmers and buyers.

What it does

Jay Kisan is platform specially built for Indian farmers taking care of their exposure to technology. Here, they can easily get their products registered online or offline depending on their convenience and get a buyer to sell the products directly.

How we built it

For registering it offline, a farmer just needs to give a call on our phone number to give us a brief detail about him, his location, product harvested and the quantity, quality and his approximate (selling price)/(min amount) of the product. He then will be asked to send a simple pic of his products using Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc. whatever he feels convenient. Thus, he will be registered on the company's portal with the details shared by him. While on the other side, registered buyers would have a look at the products and the farmer's profile. If interested in purchasing a product, they click on 'Deal' button where he enters the quantity he wants to purchase. We then, using Exotel's API, send the inquiry sms to the farmer and finally get them both talking on phone using Exotel's contact customer to agent API and number masking feature. We help them negotiate finally crack the deal! We here used phpmyadmin, HTML5, CSS, mysql and Exotel's API to make this portal and also integrated Google Maps to this portal.

Challenges we ran into

The first and foremost challenge faced by us is getting farmer convinced to use our API for his own betterment. But after getting positive responses, we shall overcome this hindrance. Next, we face somewhat problems in designing the desired UI/UX. But as it is said, where there is a will, there is a way! :)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We feel proud to successfully think of something that is actually a problem. We didn't just follow the flow and create something related to agriculture automation or something. After having talk with mentors during the Hackathon, we could get some good tips on how our idea could be bettered. We feel proud to hack under such knowledgeable mentors.

What we learned

What we learnt in these two days would have considerable impact on our thinking and perceiving a problem from the wider perspective, from the actual problem space and not just hover over the problem locus.

What's next for Jay Kisan

Next, we would be using Salesforce's APIs to make our portal smarter. We would love to talk to groundnut and wheat producers of Gujarat and share with them our vision to help them in getting the real value of their sweat and hope to see this startup in action!

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