Playing this game as a group of friends and family has always been fun, but in the physical version of the game has the issue that you can guess who gave which answer by their handwriting. This aims to remove that issue and streamline the game play as well.

What it does

In it's current state, it displays servers that you can create among many devices.

How I built it

With a fair bit of help from the Mentors (shout out to Denis) I was able to get my meager website moving. In addition to mentorship I also used YouTube tutorials, documentation and debugging to some extent to fix the issues I encountered. I was seated at the 2nd table near the presentation entrance.

Challenges I ran into

I don't have much experience in Javascript and HTML to begin with, let along Angular.js and Meteor.js, and learning these tools was a major roadblock for me as it was impossible to fully understand it in time. In addition, working on myself, even with mentors, meant that there was often code with a small error that a fresh pair of eyes would notice that would leave me frustrated for a long time. Overall I very much underestimated the difficulty of completing this project without a team and more knowledge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The little amount of my final project did complete is something I am proud of, as it was very challenging to even set up basic parts of the design on my own.

What I learned

I learned a bit about the tools Angular and Meteor, but more so this project showed me more how to use the windows command line and GitHub commands, as it was my first time actively using those tools and I have become much more comfortable with them.

What's next for JaxInABox

I do plan on finishing the project eventually, but it is not very high on the priority list when compared to school and the like. However the obvious next step is to make it a functioning game.

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