• We all wanna become influencers, people who share their journeys and days and share them with others but unfortunately sometimes you are obliged to have many followers in Instagram so that your posts will be seen by interested persons. Moreover, Parents, old people are not tend to have their Facebook profiles in where they are opt to check other unnecessary themes in order to benefit from good plans in places they aim to visit. JAWAL is Your Unique environment where you will be able to share your journey with interested people who are deciding to visit the same places, you'll also recommend intersting places for everyone. Who does not want to have recommendations from persons who went to same places you are about to visit ? ## What it does
  • JAWAL is a tourist web application, it aims to make known the most beautiful places, landscapes and places of our dear country Algeria.The idea is that any person can become a blogger and participate in the improvement of tourism in Algeria, through a proposed route that will be after a challenge to be accomplished, each person can create a route with up to 6 locations , and accompany each stop with a photo of the place of his choice with a written of his own experience, this route will become like a story book to tell. ## How WE built it:
  • We as a team of five girls interested by IT and Technology, who are currently studying computer science started building this website only by using Vuetify which is a framework that uses vuejs which is also a framework of JAVA. So we learnt the many options to use in order to transform our ideas into a web page. Moreover, our work started firstly by taking so much time to brainstorm the idea, we made sure to start with a problem by finding an intersting solution for that, and we also made sure to sutisfy our need at the end by helping empowering us and the community of tourism in Algeria.

Challenges WE ran into

  • Through our experience, we run into several challenges. First, as a team of five girls who did not know each other from the beginning so we took time to know each others and get to know ourselves more ,especially that we came from different schools.We think that was a big challenge for us to take time to get familirize with each others and devide the tasks we willl do according to our skills. We also took the time to learn different skills in a very short amount of time which allowed us to acquire many skills.

What I learned

We learned to be flexible and be able to find solutions to problems, we also managed to work in a very short amount of time with stress and with a team that didn't know each other.

What's next for JAWAL

JAWAL will be a WEB page for our future tourism journey in Algeria and will work with many sponsors and partnerships.

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