Inspiration: Our inspiration was to create a game that could teach people like us how to code since we were not super interested in coding until our teenage years.

What it does: This game teaches kids how to code through a fun game.

How we built it: We drew the frames, animated the graphics, and built the frames in java, using JComponents.

Challenges we ran into: We struggled immensely with implementing the graphics and methods, as well as connecting different classes to include the question and response frames.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We're proud of creating a system for animating our character, as well as making fully-custom sprites to keep children entertained and interested in coding.

What we learned: We learned loads about graphics and animation in Java.

What's next for Javos: Codegame: We will create a main menu, better visuals, new obstacles/tasks pertaining to coding, and new characters.

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