JavaAPI_SpringBoot Micro-services :

It is an simple JAVA API design using Spring Boot, Tomcat and "Json Web Token (Jwt)" based authentication.  I used Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Mongodb to store my data. 

Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation

Spring Security with JWT Authentication

Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-512)

Encrypting & Decrypting soft data : Salt algorithm to encrypte and decrypte

Mapping : @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @PutMapping and @DeleteMapping


1.  GET request to log in to exiting account.

   If you run on loacalhost:8080

    return {"success":true,"token":"You successfully logged in!"}
           or {"success":false,"token":"error message"}

2.  POST request to create a new account.

    domain + /createAccount +  
                                "username" : "testuser41",
                                "password" : "password"
    return { "success": true, "token": "success" }
    or     { "success": false, "token": "error message" }

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