When I first heard of the topic, my mind immidetly sprung to the idea of a java program teaching users the basics of java. I thought of it as sort of a joke, but I ended up actually doing it because I thought it was not that bad

What it does

The program is fairly simple. The user is given 3 options, how to declare an int, how to print something out, and how to create an array. After reading a short paragraph, the user is then "quizzed", they are tasked with either declaring their own variable, creating their own print statement, or creating an array.

How we built it

i spent hours and i think i need new glasses

Challenges we ran into

Within the first couple of minutes, i quickly discovered that testing each and every letter the user entered was innifficient, and hard. So I ended up taking 3 seperate approches for each one. For the int, i took the first letter the user entered, and checked to see if it matched the first letter of any primitave data type, then, since the name could be anything, i skipped that, and tested the equals sign. For the print statement, i decided to test one letter every 2 letters. This way i could keep the code short and also catch most mistakes the user makes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

finishing it in time

What's next for Java teaching java

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