Other project managers such as grade and maven have too large overheads so we decided to design one that is simplistic and easy to use with a command line interface.

What it does

It is a package manager for java that functions similarly to NPM. It also enables the developer to initialize a project directory, build and run a java project with external dependencies from Maven. This allows for the dependencies to be the same for each user/developer who wants to use the software, making development much easier and faster, as it is less bloated than gradle yet maintains the same core functionality.

How we built it

All of the central code is Java with a few lines of command line script in order to run the jar file from any context with ease.

Challenges we ran into

Downloading files from the maven repository as dependencies took a while to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing the project system and the speed with which the tool downloads dependencies, builds jars, and its overall simplicity

What's next for Java Package Manager

Fixing some of the remaining bugs and ensuring that the dependencies of the already downloaded dependencies are also available for the user.

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