Jaught's name comes from the two words, "jot" and "taught". This web application allows teachers to quickly jot notes and teach their students.

What it does

Use your finger to take notes or teach a lesson on a virtual whiteboard. Jaught includes functionality for quick and sleek actions through hand gestures. For instance, swipe your hand to the left with three fingers and the whiteboard will clear. Or swipe down with four fingers to share the notes with your students.

How I built it

Python & OpenCV

Challenges I ran into

Camera quality of integrated webcam is poor & grainy. Light exposure in frame varies and image thresholding can be inconsistent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hand & finger tracking is fairly accurate.

What I learned

More OpenCV functions

What's next for Jaught

Complete web application interface, integrated classroom features, neural network outlets and more data for better accuracy

Built With

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