Jauffre, the caring house bot!

Jauffre has many personalized functions to make your daily life that much better. His relatable remarks, such as "An awful day to go golfing," or "Yikes, there's an intruder at your house!" make him a real friend who is constantly watching out for you.

He'll give you the weather straight from IBM's database, tell you a joke when you want a laugh, or set the mood with music when you're having a party or just hanging out with friends. There's even a selfie feature to capture the moments you cherish. These are instantly emailed to you for easy sharing.

Finally, Jauffre comes with a home security feature. When he's on alarm mode, he'll be constantly monitoring your front door for you and instantly notify you if he doesn't recognize someone at the door.

All you need to do is just email him a simple command and he'll be waiting for you!

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