To improve shared taxi experience in Morocco and in other countries including Nigeria and making shared rides faster, safer, and more cost and time efficient for taxi drivers and their passengers.

What it does

It is an efficient shared taxi app that makes shared rides faster, safe, and more cost and time efficient for taxi drivers and their passengers

How I built it

I built the application all by myself, I came about the design concept for the application and also developed the application myself

Challenges I ran into

It took me some couple of hours to conclude the design of the application, unable to get committed developers around me as i was trying to meet up with date of submission. Choice of payment platform and integration of payment platform etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Development of the ride ride sharing application to completeness within the specified time was a great accomplishment to me, integration of payment platform on the application, use of push notifications etc

What I learned

I learned the use of google cloud messaging during the process of the development, better design concepts, use of google map features etc.

What's next for JasiRide

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