Tony Stark has a personal assistant named Jarvis, and is seen as almost inseparable from Stark. He handles daily queries from Stark, from combat assistance to general Q&A. Jarvis in the movie can also learn from Tony Stark like his favourite drink or give him advise on what to do with girls etc.

What it does

Just like the real Jarvis, our Jarvis handles the user's daily tasks. Our Jarvis gives you suggestions on restaurants and vacation places based on your input. Jarvis is also a self learning dictionary; you can ask him any word and he will tell you the definition, and if he doesn't know the word he will learn it from you. The best part about Jarvis is users can interact with him through flexible speech (say whatever and however you want) and he will understand you. The traditional AI requires the user to speak a certain way to get results.

How we built it

We used python to build the system to show the proof of concept. Python allows a more efficient, higher level approach guaranteeing us the ability to ship Jarvis at the Hackathon. At this point, we are not concerned with performance and scalability.

Challenges we ran into

Natural language understanding or being able to extract the intent from a user input. Humans can understand the meaning from a sentence, but to simulate NLU (natural language understanding) artificially is really tough.


We are extremely proud of that we overcame the issue with natural language understanding as well as having great chemistry on the team.

What we learned

Plan the hack to the core before starting any coding took us further than coding blindlessly. We prioritized the important parts of our project and developed those first and then the less important parts. We gave ourselves mini deadlines like finish "" by 9 pm to be tested. We also held scrum meetings every so often to keep track of team progress. We learned by being organized and disciplined will get us very far as a team.

What's next for Jarvis

Jarvis is a long term project and we plan on taking Jarvis further. In the future, we are bringing more features to Jarvis and entering start up competitions.

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