The unique way in which we have integrated Microsoft cognitive services, Azure and Office 365 graph API to bring intelligence to your office suite of applications and day to day scenarios. Here is the presentation video on YouTube:

What it does

  • Revolutionizing the way you create content
  • Data intelligence from Microsoft Cognitive Services available in Office 365 productivity tools
  • Predictive text helping OneNote users create notes faster
  • Results from Bing available right within your app creating a seamless user experience

How I built it

Our stack is built end to end on Microsoft Technologies. We leverage the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Bing Autosuggest API and Bing Web Search API
  • Office 365 graph API
  • Office 365 Dev Tools
  • VS Code as our IDE

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the entire integration to operate in real-time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. We managed to get multiple sponsor APIs Integrated through which we learned a great deal about using their technologies as well as the pros and cons of them.

  2. We managed to get an end to end software product functionality along with integrating our solution to Alexa and have a working prototype that is already used by 30 users since launch and they are loving it.

What I learned

  1. We learnt how to integrate multiple components and run a project with end to end functionality- we built out an OneNote add-in with rest services, a process to send and receive data on our Azure backend leveraging the rich functionality of Microsoft cognitive Services.

  2. We learnt how to divide a big project into small achievable milestones and delegating equal amount of work to reduce duplication or blockers for any person in the team.

  3. We also learnt how to find "hacks" and workarounds for problems that give us solutions as quickly as possible - we got better at optimizing our work besides our algorithms :)

What's next for Jarvis Note

Adding more intelligence to our unique scenarios like querying for information and delivering it to users.

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