There is no doubt that the market for computer personal assistants and control hubs is in a period of heavy innovation. Yet, while many products claim to be universal personal assistants, they actually provide small methods of interaction such as web data or basic external device control. Additionally, many of these products are closed, giving users no control over supported services and hardware.

Simplicity and Extendibility

JARVIS+ is different. In a rapidly growing world of new technologies and sources of data, we deserve a product that grows along with it. JARVIS+ employs Wit.ai in order to provide access to any technology in the simplest of ways. Speak to it naturally; the system utilizes natural language processing to understand human speech and even to anticipate unspoken needs. A built-in Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi, along with a multitude of sensors, augments its computing power.

Physical Presence

The other unique feature of JARVIS+ is its physical presence; it easily becomes a tangible object in your home and your life. The JARVIS+ frame may be configured with built-in servomotors to adjust height and orient the screen. It serves as the hub for data, coordinating and aggregating the major and minor details of day-to-day life. And while pure data is extremely important, the importance of JARVIS+ extends from software to hardware. It can be configured to work with other smart devices, such as music players or Nest thermostat, in addition to other connected hardware such as sensors, pressure plates, relays, and switches.

Don't just see the future. Live the future, with JARVIS+.


  • Current time in any location
  • Current stock price by name
  • Setting alarms for custom times

  • Wolfram Alpha querying

  • Spotify integration (choose songs, play, pause, change...)

  • Adjusting audio volume

  • Set temperature and thermostat, using external hardware such as Nest or a relay-connected device

  • Get temperature, from built-in temperature sensor or external hardware

  • Pressure plates

  • Light sensor

  • Gyroscope

  • Camera

  • Relays to control other objects (lights, fans, appliances, doors...)

  • turn on/off lights and connected devices

  • Conversational abilities, such as different styles of greeting

And of course, with Wit.ai JARVIS+ is infinitely extendible to other services and external technologies.

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