Inspiration my inspiration was to make a software which can run on all operating system and websites and help to do daily task and can be used for business by costumizing a bit. i also wanted to make searching easier for others and to add a friend which stayes with us and we do not to fell lonely in this pandemic

What it does it helps in doing task basic daily task and be a friend to the user

How I built it i built using many librarys and api as mentioned in the video and i used vscode as ide i wrote my code using my knowledge and then implemented it

Challenges I ran into i ran into many error as we all know in python their are many error and as i have stared coding only 2 months back i faced the error like pyaudio error, stopiteration error, namerror, modulerror, valuerror, etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of i am proud that with 2 monts of self taught coding i have made an advnced level kind of ai type software and i am proud that i didnt give up on the errors and continued

What I learned i learnt python language to advanced level and learned how to handle mistake and rised the curiosity of learning more and more of language and making programs

What's next for JARVIS

the next is hotword recognition and face detection

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