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here are my notes from the night after day 1:

hi team! we made a lot of progress today on the bricks we need for tomorrow. as a review, we:

  1. evaluated and rejected a proprietary hardware oximetry platform in favor of an open source one that is faster, cheaper, and lower power. yay open source! go china! @tanpesto led the way through this effort, and hand-assembled the board we cannot use! @mikejsz went to the store and purchased it out of pocket, thank you!
  2. evaluated and rejected a gut-wrenchingly bad AR headset in favor of the facebook-produced one that is more open to developers. yay…. facebook? ew zuck. @Hanqing Tang (Ariela) (She/Her) somehow is immune to the evil headset. never forget this power.
  3. started the unity scene that will be the setting of the experience that our judges will get. i can’t believe how much clicking i did in unity, following the vive docs, only for it to never work correctly with the headset. wtf, HTC?
  4. implemented some designs on how we can provide pleasant feedback reflecting the user’s emotional state. we have code, we have geometry, we are in a good place! @prasanth stepped in at the last minute of our teambuilding last night, and i’m so glad he did.
  5. collecting and modeling the 3d assets we need to create an immersive environment. we had to learn the annoying way that there are not many freely available assets for this application area, and some freely available assets are not freely usable in open source projects! @Hanqing Tang (Ariela) (She/Her) did a ton of research and modeling for this today.

i’m not even sure what else i missed, because i was focused on my rectangle and didn’t get to see a lot of the other collaborations! i was so enthused to review the contents of the table before leaving and see indexed cards that i never witnessed the creation of, full of encoded thoughts.

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