I like 『Pokémon GO』and a real mystery game, and Alexa, trains and station also. If there is a alexa skills with a real escape game, which the users can play with a voice and trip by using train around Tokyo, It will make the user feel more interesting. So, We developed it.

What it does

◆ How to play this skill

  1. First, listen to the prologue on your Echo device (at home, in the car, at work).
  2. Then go to each station on the Yamanote Line and launch this skill with a GPS-enabled smartphone. When you launch this skill at some station on the Yamanote Line (near the ticket gate), the fairies will give you tips on how to solve the curse. Use the hints to solve the bad witch's curse.

How I built it

Unlike Java, it is not a build (compilation) language, so it is not built, but through syntax checking (Pylint).

Challenges I ran into

I had a hard time to separate the processing for normal Echo dot (model without GPS) and smartphone (with GPS).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first position game using GPS as an Alexa skill in Japan. In addition, I think I'm proud because it's probably the world's first real mystery game using Alexa.

What I learned

I learned about the subtle adjustment of the game using GPS.

What's next for Japanese Real "Nazotoki" Game

In the future, I would like to expand this game not only in Tokyo, but throughout Japan and the whole world. We would like to expand the game into the world. It will make the users all around the world travel with the game and learn about the local area, go to local shops, and make new discoveries and communication.

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