What it does

Japanese Garden Sounds is an Alexa Skill that provides an audio stream of relaxing sounds from a zen garden. The sound was designed and mixed by us to include elements of temple bells, koi ponds and tree sounds. The ISP component gives users the option to add 'Pro Membership' and upgrade to a premium HD 256 kbps audio stream.

How we built it

We used Javascript, Node.js & Lambda for this project. We really appreciate how Alexa Developers are provided many different resources, code snippets and documents to help fast-track development. When the service was complete, we completed the submission using the Alexa Skills Kit and Console.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The service has been super popular in the US, UK & German markets. It was one of the first spiritual / healing services ever launched on the Alexa platform, with previous skills using mainly thunderstorm or rain-style nature sounds. We are proud about the great feedback from users who benefit from this sound to help them meditate or relax.

What's next for this Skill?

We really want to upgrade the options for users. Especially those with video displays like Echo Shows, who may want a slideshow of a zen garden along with their relaxing sounds. Also, the ability to add or remove sound effects would be a great feature in the future.

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