Janky rocket was made in an effort to introduce players to the difficulty and intensity of space travel. While researching space travel, we discovered that there are over half a million pieces of debris orbiting Earth, with over half of them larger than a softball. Space debris poses a threat to both rocket launches as well as satellites providing consumer services like internet service. Janky rocket educates players about the obstacles astronauts may encounter on their journey to the moon.

What it does

Players are first introduced into Janky rocket’s start screen where they will be met with their mission: GET TO THE MOON. After clicking start, players control the rocket — which moves very jankily — and try their best to avoid obstacles and collisions against shooting stars, asteroids, satellites, and more! Move the mouse to each side of the screen to control the rocket. Why does the rocket move jankily you ask? This is to better simulate how the conditions that real-life astronauts go through can often be...janky.

How we built it

Janky rocket was built with for collaboration. P5. js was used to create the graphics and animations that enable the janky rocket to move. The p5.collide2D library was used to handle rocket collisions with the moon and the moving obstacles. The p5.sound library was used to play sound effects when the rocket blasted off from earth and when it collided with obstacles.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into include getting the orientation of the rocket to correspond to the direction in which the user wants it to. The janky part of our rocket is that the direction of the rocket corresponds not only to the mouse, but also to the mouse position depending on whether or not the position is to the far left or right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of all of our animations — from the stars in the background to the earth and moon coming into view as the rocket travels through space.

What we learned

While creating this project we learned about how to implement the p5.collide2D library so that when the user-controlled janky rocket hits an obstacle, it would lose a life. We also learned how to use the p5.sound library to incorporate sound effects when the rocket launches from earth and when it collides with obstacles.

What's next for Janky Rocket

Janky Rocket has big plans in the future. One future iteration we are planning to implement in this game is to create different types of rocket skins. Another iteration is adding more levels such as getting to other planets and not just the moon!

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