Inspiration - Only a few of us write code as a professional career so we figured we should do something really simple yet make it fun as possible through our "Creative Juices".

What it does - Game where you collect chocolate as a janitor, but avoid pumpkins that fall from the sky. Brooms delete all the bombs that appear after the player has collected a certain amount of "chocolate" the difficulty increases the more chocolate you collect.

How I built it - Read through the documentation.

Challenges I ran into - Teaching the team Javascript as we went along.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - ALL of the bugs are now features (game mechanics). Having a project, that actually works when we all came in here expecting to submit nothing.

What I learned - Phaser.js makes it ridiculously easy to write games in HTML / JS

What's next for Janitor Boys 2 -- we need to make the prequel . Add more game modes, and fix animations.

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