As university students, we know we have the privilege of being financially literate. After taking classes on the subject, we realized how important this knowledge was, and how it was rarely taught. We'd like to spread awareness in with a simple, intuitive interface personalized to the user's credit score range.

What it does

Janet provides the user with personalized financial literacy courses based on their credit score range. Topics include financial planning, setting goals, budgeting, and learning about what impacts your credit score. Quizzes at the end of every topic assess the user's knowledge and keep progress accounted for in an interactive manner.

How we built it

The entire web app is written with the React framework and a mix of JavaScript and TypeScript. The user login information is stored in a Firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

The master-detail pattern on the course list page was particularly difficult to get working. We followed many different examples, and ultimately decided to use a TypeScript example and modify it. Ultimately, the resulting UI was exactly what we wanted, and we were glad we decided to push through.

Another challenge was design. None of us are experienced designers, so designing a logo and page layout was a slow process. We asked more experienced designers for help and received some pointers for color schemes and page layout, which helped us think of a logo and landing page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have had Janet up and running within 36 hours. There was not a small amount of code to write, and we had to make many modifications to get our courses page to work correctly. We're proud of how our product looks and operates from the inside out.

What we learned

None of us were familiar with TypeScript or the master-detail pattern. We also learned a lot about design and what it takes to make an attractive interface.

What's next for Janet

Janet can be expanded to add a wider selection of courses and smaller credit score ranges for a more tailored user experience. We look forward to spreading financial literacy to everyone in a free, accessible way.

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