Lurking Turkeys: Tackling Environmental Justice & Overcoming the Politics of Inaction

Empowering communities by raising awareness through visualizations, feedback mechanisms, and political pressure.

What it does

We are visualizing how minority populations, including indigenous communities and low-income municipalities are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards. We visualize many maps that we digitized ourselves including mining concessions throughout the country, gas and oil pipelines, refineries, polluted wells -- and digitized maps of indigenous communities and low-income populations.

We also provide three different ways for individuals and communities to send reports. People can use the google spreadsheets form on the web to file a report to a variety of issues, provide documentation and propose solutions. They can also download reports and data of previous reports. We also use a geo tagged Twitter for individuals to report incidents by using a URL of a news event, or by sending a video or image. We also built a messaging system for people who can't access internet to provide reports but we didn't have time to test the http request.

In the future, we are hoping that Facebook, Twitter and SMS can be used to crowdsource whether or not an issue has been solved or not, and put pressure on local officials to act.

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