We as musicians would always have a hard time trying to find someone to work with that was just as serious as us. We wanted to help ourselves and other musicians

What it does

Musicians can throw their original content on a public playlist where others can listen to their work. If they want to collaborate, the sending musician will in turn, send one of their own songs. If accepted, both are connected through chat.

How we built it

We both spent time on different platforms, I worked on the web while Irwin worked on the mobile version.

Challenges we ran into

Parse issues, mystery bugs that we are still shocked we solves

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished a full MVP

What we learned

A lot about ourselves, Jk, but really. We learned how to push the boundaries of our skills by attempting things we have never done before and polished our Googlefu

What's next for JamOut


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