Inspired by students that battle mental health issues every day, we were inspired to leverage technology to build a resource that listens, acts quickly and is always available.

What it does

JAMML is a prompt-response bot that provides those struggling with a mental crisis with resources to help them in their time of need. By providing online resources and even encouraging little messages, our goal is to help those with whatever they're struggling with.

How we built it

JAMML is currently a very simple web page that provides a response based on input from the user. Our vision is to have JAMML as an AI-based bot that can read user-generated input, learn, and respond accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

As first-time hackers, we ran into many challenges, with the scope being the main challenge. We started off with biting off more than we could chew, and then had to focus our efforts on something more specific and within range of our abilities. However, we were still challenged by building our first website, and learned many lessons from the experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As first-year students, we're proud of simply coming up with the idea. We're proud to have implemented the design, piece together the parts and come up with a basic prototype that has a lot of growth potential. Although we could not get it implemented, we also built a database that stores responses and questions for JAMML, which can be used for future implementations of JAMML!

What we learned

Organization is key, version control is key, and having a designer can be the mean differences between being able to present something, and not.

What's next for JAMML - The Mental Health Bot

We hope to continue to upgrade JAMML so that it can be implemented in the future!

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