Jamaica has the highest cost of energy in this region. This is an overt problem and with this platform, we can arrive a

What it does

It is a plug and play solution that monitors and automates the consumption of energy by automatically switching of devices

How we built it

This is a cross-platform system that uses Android, iOs and a web-based platform to monitor and automates energy consumption

Challenges we ran into

The actual hardware aspect of this pose a problem, hence rather than having something tangible working with, it had to be more of a feasible concept

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created an innovative and feasible solution that can solve and real world problem that is plaguing Jamaicans

What we learned

Apart from becoming more adept at programming, we have learned that problems are not just problems but are opportunities for solutions and with critical thinking, a feasible solution can be obtained.

What's next for Jammin Pulse

Jammin Pulse will further evolve and become a platform for change in the energy sector. We aim to insight positive change in the lives of our fellow Jamaican, especially in these economic times

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