Watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and various advertisements. On the challenge cases provided, there was a case which stated "Evaluating the data for an individual species to assess confidence in the completeness of coverage for that species". I choose to use the data for the Sciuridae family(includes Chipmunks and Squirrel)

What it does

It is a web application that uses GBIF data to provide a data analysis and data information for the Sciuridae family

How I built it

I used PHP and JavaScript to create to application, use MySql to store the information.

Challenges I ran into

My preferred of making API calls wasn't working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Submitting a environmental application

What I learned

Just based on the data-sets available on the GBIF website. I learned so much about the different species of plants, insects and animals.

What's next for Jameson

Due to time constraints I was only able to do a few things. So I would like to provide analyze more data and provide more data visualizations. Use Leaflet.js for the map. Restart and make my own map visualisation and make it more interactive.

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