What it does

  • Provides trivia quizzes on the first three episodes of James May: Our Man in Japan for free
  • Lets customers play trivia quizzes on the rest of the show (episodes 4, 5, and 6) through in-skill-purchase

What I learned

  • How to make a "sticky" Alexa skill - with the help of Alison Atwell, Justin Jeffress, and Joe Muoio - by creating the following user experiences
    • Goal-setting
      • For each game an opponent is simulated for the player to beat, creating a sense of competition
    • Surprise & delight
      • After an episode's game is over, Alexa has a little chat with the user about the show; for example, in one episode James May eats gyutan, grilled beef tongue, and Alexa asks the user if they would try it
    • Sense of accomplishment
      • The show frequently goes out of its way to teach the viewers about Japan's culture and history; trivia games are a fun way to assess the viewer's new knowledge
  • How to use storyboarding to design UX

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