There's a wealth of hardcore Javascript developers who put immeasurable time into creating Javascript Games that either never see the light of day despite hundreds of hours works, or are created for non-mainstream niche markets such as Mozilla Firefox phone and are available for slight modification for distribution down other channels.

Wouldn't it be great that players could download an app that received those games as notifications from a notification service, which also allowed them to redistribute those games - and wouldn't it be great if those hardcore developers could could create an account account and upload their apps so that they were available to the players.

What it does

When a user downloads the app and registers with it, the app automatically receives the latest catalog of games from the Donky messaging service, and that catalogue hydrates a list for the user to select; even the game icons come down as part of the catalogue.

How I built it

I used Donky's Xamarin SDK and altered and extended the SDK Quickstart App to consume JSON notifications that even included the game icons in Base64. I uploaded a demonstration Javascript Game to Donky Control, as well as creating an additional 4 dummy apps to simulate a wider catalogue.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the app so that it could be demonstrated on all of iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet, without full Quality Assurance was difficult but satisfying.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Realising that although the Donky Rich Messaging Platform was designed to distribute Rich Messages, that I could utilise the system to distribute catalogues that contained collections of metadata (including icons in Base64), with such metadata being useful to trigger the remote dispatch of the Javascript Games, which could either be played on the device or even be further shared from the app via SMS, FaceBook, Email, etc.

What I learned

That TechCrunch is bloody fun!

What's next for James ('Javascript Games Distribution Platform')

During this Phase I manually uploaded the games to my App Space in the Donky portal, however I'd like to automate this in Phase Two by creating an oAuth 2 Membership Server / API using OWIN on MVC that allowed JavaScript Game Developers the capacity to register in the James portal, and having the facility to upload their games their, my backend will use Donky's integration API to automatically upload the Javascript Games to Donky Control and thus alleviate the problem of me having to manually upload the games myself.

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