I am a regular visitor to popular sites like Reddit, Ycombinator, and Slashdot. I love the news I get from these sites, but there's always the option to vote and/or comment on the submission, thus revealing the division of the two types of people in the world: contributors and lurkers. Lurkers don't vote, comment, or gild with imaginary gold. We just want news and are not concerned about the popularity contests put before us.

That is why I wanted to write Lurk.it, a lurkregator for people who feed only on information surfaced by popular news sources like Reddit, Hackernews, and Slashdot along with commercial news outlets like CNN, NBC, ScienceDaily, World Science Festival, and more! This app is built for speed and source trust. Kimono, the engine that I used to create my api's, caches the results from the various sources every hour so our users are getting hundreds of reliable posts at impressive speeds. Lurk.it also utilizes trust icons so the user knows where the posts are coming from and what they are pertaining to. We don't care what's "hot" or "trending", only what's new, and that's exactly what users will get. Lurk.it has two themes, dark and light, for high contrast or ease of reading. We want the five main news topics which are technology, sports, business, science, and world news. If we were to ever want to share our content, sharing can be enabled in order to tweet about our favorite headline which includes the post's title and shortened link. So check Lurk.it out and maybe you'll become a lurker, too. And if you're worried that your phone might not be supported, don't be. It may only be available for Android mobile and Kindle Fire for now, but Lurk.it is written using Phonegap which means it can compile to iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, and more.

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