Student Team

Crime AdVISR is a VR game for the Microsoft VISR headset in which you have murdered somone at this very game jam and are then called in as the crime-scene investigator where you can hide the evidence and must avoid the detective finding out that you are the killer We've been unable to flesh out the mechanics into the experience that we wanted, because we've been experimenting with different technologies. Since this is our first Game Jam, we wanted to focus on the theme of Game Jam.

What we are proud of. Having no experience building for windows phones the team have overcome a number of challenges throughout the process and are happy with what we have been able to produce. The use of photogrammetry was also a completely new process to the team and we have been able to overcome.

Colin Heyl - Lead Programmer

  • Made the core aspects of the project
  • Provided some basic voice-over

Kyle Umney - Programmer

  • Integrated the VISR and Windows Phone aspects of the project

Stephen Forte

  • Created 3D assets in the game, based on The Studio
  • Edited photographs to provide storyboard images of the narratvie
  • Provided some basic voice-over

Peter Filinski

  • Created 3D models using photogrammetry
  • Used Perception Neuron Suit to experiment with animations

We're a group of students from the University of Salford that handed in our final projects last week. We thought this would be a good environment to focus less on completing a full game and more on trying different technology, having fun and doing something a little outside of our comfort zone.

Our end result has barely any gameplay as we've focused on VISR and narrative, but have not been able to fully implement as much narrative as we would like, but this is more of an experiment on our part, rather than a full game.

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