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Connect with musicians and the world around you on Jambook.
Here you can simply login or signup, takes less than a minute and you are posting.

  • If you do not want to signup but still look around inside click the **Demo User Login* button and you are in.*

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Once signed in ou can simply type you message/question in the message box up top.

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And other users can reply right inside your post. You can even comment on other users' posts since you have to be logged in to do any posting or commenting.

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Application Architecture

Jambook is a fullstack site built with:

  • React and Redux for frontend
  • Flask Server & Python for the backend
  • PostgreSQL as the database
  • Node.js
  • AlchemySQL as the ORM that works well with Python on the backend.

Next Steps and Future Features

This is a basic and clean UI experience for getting authenticated, signing up as a user and start posting and others can log in and reply to a post in a comment. It is all logged and disaplyed by which user and how many days since the post/comment.

In the next sprint:

  • Adding a search feature so as a user one can easily at the top of the page type any word/phrase in and have the results displayed and the ability to click it to be taken to that post.
  • Adding a "like" feature so as a user one could like a post or a comment that they chose or unlike it.
  • Adding the character counter and having it displayed dynamically as the user types so they know where they are at on their character limit.

Instalation Instructions

  1. Clone this repo
    • git clone
  2. Install dependencies for backend
    • pipenv install
  3. Install dependencies for frontend
    • cd react-app
    • npm install
  4. Create PostgreSQL user
    • CREATE USER jambook_app WITH CREATEDB PASSWORD '<password>'
  5. Create PostgreSQL database
    • CREATE DATABASE jambook_app_dev WITH OWNER jambook_app
  6. Create a .env file in the root directory based on the .env.example file
  7. In .env file:
    • Replace 'password' in DATABASE_URL with your chosen password
    • Enter a secure combination of characters for you SECRET_KEY *. Flask Migrate and Seed your database in root directory
    • pipenv shell
    • flask db upgrade
    • flask seed all
  8. Start backend server in root directory
    • flask run
  9. Start frontend server in react-app directory
    • npm start
  10. In your browser go to localhost:3000
  11. You may use the Demo User by clicking on the Log In button
    • or create a new user by clicking Create new account
  12. Then you are logged in and can create a post, look at other posts, add comments to a post, edit your posts/comments
  13. As you scroll down simply click the up arrow button Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 6 25 01 AM to be smoothly taken to the top of the page again where all posts and comments are sorted by the newest, top down.

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