Have you ever had those sudden urges to just jam out on a guitar, a piano, or just sing your lungs out, but lacked a way to get people interested in jamming with you? Introducing Jam Buds, a way to organize jam sessions! Need a bassist for an improv jazz trio? Just create a session and Jam Buds will spread the word for you. Did the drummer call out? Jam Buds can easily get you a sub. With how easy it is to schedule and search for events, your jam sessions will never be lonely again.


Jam Buds was inspired by a need to get students to destress themselves while bringing them together. We had several ideas for what problems we could solve in students' lives, and ultimately settled on Jam Buds, so students who need a break from all the exams and heavy course loads could have a way to express themselves, and more importantly, just relax.Our app design is kept simple and clean, and is user-focused. Main interaction buttons (create and search icons) are highlighted for ease of use.


  • Built with Facebook's no-hassle login API, so you can set it and forget it with credentials
  • Create events for up to twenty people as soon as right here and now
  • Easily search for other jam sessions in your area based on your instrument of choice and proficiency
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