Fabiana is a Type 1 diabetic and knows the challenges of testing every single day. Jake The Dog is a service to help Fabiana and others stick with testing, get back on track when they get off, and build support with friends and family. All through SMS and MMS texting.

Our fun informal style blends nicely with smart algorithms. We adjust timing, tone, and goals to reinforce behavior long enough to establish habits.

Our paying customers have a lot at stake in keeping diabetic patients healthy and keeping recently discharged patients from readmittance.

Our short term roadmap takes us in three directions:

  • Multichannel - communicate where and when users want

    • @JakeTheDog, WhatsApp, FB Messenger
    • Web, Native Apps (push)
    • Google Calendar, Android and iOS calendars
  • Live Personalization for Behavior Modification - becoming better with experience

    • Adjusting timing, messages, attachments
  • Integration with other apps - becoming smarter, engaging partners

    • Lifestyle (exercise, QS, BG loggers)
    • Wellness management systems

Whoof! Good dog!

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