My inspiration for this HubSpot theme

I believe HubSpot is a great place to host a creative portfolio because it can help with marketing & sales. Unlike other portfolio website builders, you have to have a separate system for email marketing, analytics, and a CRM. Many designers may not even know they need a CRM or how it can help them get more leads for their services.

As a designer, I know the importance of having an online portfolio and how it can be used to get full-time employment and freelance work. I wanted to help other non-technical creatives build their online portfolio.

What makes it unique

The central focus of this theme is a blog listing and blog post page template. You can then create posts with two different tags: portfolio and article. Those tags will filter the content and display the portfolio projects in a masonry grid layout.

Portfolio projects include a module to add large images and captions. They also contain a detailed project description for roles, technology, results, etc.

For personal sites like this, a logo doesn't exist. So I updated the header module to support a text-based logo where a designer could easily adjust font and color settings.

Since designers and photographers rely on visual social media, I made sure to add Instagram links in the header navigation.

Features I am proud of

I like how the portfolio posts use a repeatable image/caption module to quickly add multiple project images. This editing experience makes adding a new project quick and easy without editing many content fields.

What I learned

I learned to think more about a non-technical user and make the modules and content editing experience intuitive.

What's next for the Jake Portfolio HubSpot Theme

I plan to listen to customer feedback and make adjustments to make this theme better.

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