I got inspired to make this project when I witnessed the day when around 4,000-5,000 migrant workers who were willing to return to their hometown because of unemployement (due to lockdown) gathered at the Bandra railway station in the city of Mumbai, India. They gathered their after a humor spread that special trains were being organized for them to get them back to their hometown. That they I realized the lack of trusted channel of information for the poors in the conutry and from that I had a thought to make a solution for this.

What it does

So my project basically is a web-app wherein poors can register and this app can help them by educating them on the government's policy so that they can get the possible support from these schemes and help themselves to grow. This app has a system wherein the registered user can learn about the government schemes and then take a quiz through which he/she can earn reward points. These reward points can later be claimed to get daily essentials to run their house.

How we built it

I started off with basic HTML and CSS and made basic templates for web pages. Then I finally put in the contents and after that I found out that I still had some time left with me, I made a small slider for the home page using JS.

Challenges we ran into

I was struggling with a bug in my JS code which I later found and fixed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I made something which can help make a better society.

What we learned

I learned a ton of things like making a slider using JS and how to emmbed a google forms within a website.

What's next for Jagriti App

I think that I can make several more improvements to this app and then possibly can try it out on a small scale in my locality. Based on the response from the users I will then decide what to do with the app later, i.e. make improvements to it or launch it.

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